Growth of the global market had shifted the paradigm of national business, while the medium-scale businesses have an important role in prospering the national economic, both through job creation, for improvement in public welfare and create new innovation.

Recently, the medium-scale businesses practitioner in Indonesia has reached 57 million, of which most are micro business entrepreneurs. This show of potential medium-scale businesses as one locomotion economic Indonesia to improve domestic prosperity.

However, which becomes one of problem is access capital, the high market access, so many potential small medium sized product does not develop and not being able to be marketed. Program development small medium sized market have been done, whether conducted in offline and online. The program should be continue to conducted, one who practiced by the government through the Ministry of state owned company by constructing BUMN Creative House (RKB). BUMN Creative House is not only help access financing but rather to how potential small medium sized business can be empowered, so that small medium sized business products were suitable for sale, both in quality, quantity and packaging to the wider market through online.

Offline needs to be carried out through display or through direct marketing and direct promotion as well, among others the exhibition, provided either own or through by other parties.

April 2019 NPNC one of clusters of the state owned company which educated under the ministry of state owned company will implement the development program of small medium sized business in the form of an exhibition entitled "Indonesia Creative Product Festival, to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia".


The Indonesia Creative Product Festival 2019 could be a forum and media who have effective for small medium sized business in Indonesia to introduce creative product business and small medium sized products to potential investors in Asian market especially Malaysia.

This event could be a place to promote small medium sized Indonesian products to be recognized by Malaysian community.

Their provide to increase their exports of sale products the small medium sized business in Indonesia.

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